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7th-Feb-2008 12:57 am - Exchange
Writers Block:

Oh man so the writers block talked about tea (and coffee....bleh) today so I thought I should start with that.

I make my tea by steeping it covered (with a bowl or plate or something) for about 2 mins. Once the steeping is done I put milk and honey into it! Mmmmm..........honey.

For chai making I use half milk and then put in indian tea. I add cardimon for flavor and then use the milk and honey trick. After that I totally put cinnamon in it!

Okay so now on to more important affairs. Somehow I am managing my stress level and it's going pretty well this semester. Sadly I think it's coming at the cost of my personality. I am very very mellow this semester. I noticed it slightly but when my roomate and other friends started to pick up on I knew it was actually showing. I think the mellowness is the fine line between not being angry/depressed and being happy. I basically never achieve happiness at RPI. BOO!!!

Okay well I have my 60 sec sell tomorrow so woot!
17th-May-2007 08:54 pm - My first car crash
Well now I haven't written in........blah who cares...it's far too long to count anyway.

Looks like my last entry was a fight with one of my friends. Yeah that was eternity ago.

On to more important affairs like me crashing my car for the very first time ever. So my parents thought it would be okay to send me all by myself to New York City to go to my doctor's appointment. Going there was okay. I ran a red light in the city [tsk tsk] but no real harm done. Going out unfortunately........yeah......

Some cop double parked in the middle of the road and when I tried to switch lanes.......BANG!!!!! I hit some chinese guy's car. There wasn't extensive damage to his car and even mine wasn't really all that bad, but it's still going to be a pretty penny to fix my baby. Sucks all in all. So I filed a police report and all that good stuff. Nobody was hurt and the policemen were really funny guys. I guess this kind of thing just has to happen eventually. I'm actually a really careful driver.......it just sorta happened. My dad doesn't seem to scathed by it but once the insurance triples I'll probably never be able to drive anywhere by myself again........and my mom was like, "You've WATCHED this route a million times.....how can you not know it!"

Apparently watching and driving yourself are the exact same thing. What can I say.......? The prodigy child of the house screwed up and now I'm going to have to take the fall for it. Oh well........

I'll have to post images of the damage when I get around to taking pictures of it.
26th-Mar-2006 08:33 pm - Temple
My aunt and uncle left today. They came up from maryland for my sister's sweet sixteen party. Everything went well. The party was a lot of fun except for the fact that I was sick. Like usual my sister brought home a rare and exotic form of a cold from the damn high school and gave it to me. I never catch colds unless they are from my sister. I never even caught a cold while I was at RPI!!! Anywho, today we went to the temple so the priest could bless me. I have an important doctor's appointment on Tuesday and my grandmother wanted to be sure that Sri Venkateswara gave me his blessings. I really hope this works because other wise the devas and I are going to have to have a little chat....
23rd-Mar-2006 07:36 pm - I cried today
I went to one of the support sites for Crohn's Disease and watched videos about other kids who live with the disease. It's always surprising to see how many people my age have this disease. It always just seems like you are so increbibly alone with regards to your disease. Anywho, after watching the videos I felt a lot better. No matter how much your friends or family say they understand, they don't...they never will. It's something so incredibly devastating that it takes a person who has walked the same path to talk to about the journey. I cried in my room for a while. It was kinda weird. I hate crying. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. It makes me feel sick. In a sad kind of way I think it's good for me to cry. When you do something you hate doing you appreciate the world a little bit more.
21st-May-2005 06:46 pm - Episode III
I saw star wars episode III today. It was an awesome movie. Anakin is such a tool, but you havta feel bad for him (just a little....very little). I didn't like the fact that he killed kids though. That was pretty depressing and I'm glad Lucas didn't show it in full form. Woohoo for going to the movies in a long while too. I haven't been to a real theater in forever. Well no, I did see hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy in Regal Cinemas in troy. Somehow that didn't really feel like going to the movies though.
28th-Apr-2005 01:29 am - Randomness
I'm stuck in the VCC for eternity!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yeah so here's my away message, let's see how many people respond and how they respond:
sitting in the VCC with Diane
we're both going insane.....
leave some insane messages for me to ponder.......

1:41 am

awoody21: would i be alive if it wasn't for sue?
awoody21: 2) how come i got so lucky to have sue as my friend?
awoody21: 3) why the hell am i still talking?
awoody21: 4) why dont people shower?
awoody21: 5) what is lyndz such a fatty?
(I <3 amanda)

way to be diane....hehehe

If the sound of one hand clapping is orthogonal to the 3-space formed by the Cartesian product of Wisdom, Common Sense and the Real Numbers, then why do we even need relative space and time? I mean, really, we can just clap with one hand forever. It's pretty funny to see somebody clap with just one hand.

okay I'm out of battery power at 2:02 am which sucks cause I really wanted people to respond to my message........ :(
oh well I'll put it up again sometime
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