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My first car crash

Well now I haven't written in........blah who's far too long to count anyway.

Looks like my last entry was a fight with one of my friends. Yeah that was eternity ago.

On to more important affairs like me crashing my car for the very first time ever. So my parents thought it would be okay to send me all by myself to New York City to go to my doctor's appointment. Going there was okay. I ran a red light in the city [tsk tsk] but no real harm done. Going out unfortunately........yeah......

Some cop double parked in the middle of the road and when I tried to switch lanes.......BANG!!!!! I hit some chinese guy's car. There wasn't extensive damage to his car and even mine wasn't really all that bad, but it's still going to be a pretty penny to fix my baby. Sucks all in all. So I filed a police report and all that good stuff. Nobody was hurt and the policemen were really funny guys. I guess this kind of thing just has to happen eventually. I'm actually a really careful just sorta happened. My dad doesn't seem to scathed by it but once the insurance triples I'll probably never be able to drive anywhere by myself again........and my mom was like, "You've WATCHED this route a million can you not know it!"

Apparently watching and driving yourself are the exact same thing. What can I say.......? The prodigy child of the house screwed up and now I'm going to have to take the fall for it. Oh well........

I'll have to post images of the damage when I get around to taking pictures of it.
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