February 7th, 2008


Writers Block:

Oh man so the writers block talked about tea (and coffee....bleh) today so I thought I should start with that.

I make my tea by steeping it covered (with a bowl or plate or something) for about 2 mins. Once the steeping is done I put milk and honey into it! Mmmmm..........honey.

For chai making I use half milk and then put in indian tea. I add cardimon for flavor and then use the milk and honey trick. After that I totally put cinnamon in it!

Okay so now on to more important affairs. Somehow I am managing my stress level and it's going pretty well this semester. Sadly I think it's coming at the cost of my personality. I am very very mellow this semester. I noticed it slightly but when my roomate and other friends started to pick up on I knew it was actually showing. I think the mellowness is the fine line between not being angry/depressed and being happy. I basically never achieve happiness at RPI. BOO!!!

Okay well I have my 60 sec sell tomorrow so woot!
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