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28th-Apr-2005 01:29 am
I'm stuck in the VCC for eternity!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yeah so here's my away message, let's see how many people respond and how they respond:
sitting in the VCC with Diane
we're both going insane.....
leave some insane messages for me to ponder.......

1:41 am

awoody21: would i be alive if it wasn't for sue?
awoody21: 2) how come i got so lucky to have sue as my friend?
awoody21: 3) why the hell am i still talking?
awoody21: 4) why dont people shower?
awoody21: 5) what is lyndz such a fatty?
(I <3 amanda)

way to be diane....hehehe

If the sound of one hand clapping is orthogonal to the 3-space formed by the Cartesian product of Wisdom, Common Sense and the Real Numbers, then why do we even need relative space and time? I mean, really, we can just clap with one hand forever. It's pretty funny to see somebody clap with just one hand.

okay I'm out of battery power at 2:02 am which sucks cause I really wanted people to respond to my message........ :(
oh well I'll put it up again sometime
28th-Apr-2005 06:52 am (UTC)
Wish I'd noticed, I woulda left you something cool...
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